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The Tainted One Arises...
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Monday, February 26th, 2007
12:48 am
Sacrificed as a infant to Retsudo to by parents she never knew Calypso was brought to Anderfall, and put into a school for “highly educated orphans”. Retsudo was not seen by Calypso after that day nor did she realize that her father figure was actually her captor.
Calypso was brought up by strict Naga and Kindred teachers, smart as she was as a human she was an outcast, she spent her free time sneaking out of school and visiting a nearby church, where she met her only friend, a gypsy elf named Abela. Abela spent his days teaching Calypso all he knew of aura and illumination magic, seeing her as ally and a friend he began to little by little give her subtle hints to why she was brought here and who Retsudo really was. She learned how Nagas were made, the different kinds how breeders were other races raped, bitten and forcefully turned by beings called plague demons. She felt pity for those she was around never really realizing Abela was showing her what her fate truly was.
On the eve of her 14th birthday her father had finally returned to see her progress. Once she saw him she understood perfectly how this had all played out, she was a toy a pawn, Retsudo eyes glaring staring her down as she tried to flee, casting her most advanced spell she forced him back only to have him leap forward as if her spell was merely a breeze. Grabbing her long braid of hair he pulled her head back as he growled into her ear, “You thought you could hurt me? Let me teach you pain.”
He held her down as he ripped off her clothing and proceeded to rape and bite her as she screamed until her voice went silent. He then tossed her aside as she was no more than a rag. “Be careful with that, we need her.” Said the head naga Melantha. “Be sure you see to it that the elf is locked up with her, he’ll be a good mate,” Retsudo said with a laugh as he wiped his mouth with his hand. “Ahh I feel better already” he exclaimed.
Calypso woke to the throbbing which is her body as she curled up and started to analyze her situation a voice came to her. “I will help you sleep Calypso, I wish I could do more,” Abela’s voice is heard as she passes out she dreams.

/i The sky is filled with blood as it rains down upon her head she realizes it is washing away her skin. Looking around for some cover she falls as she pulls her feet to her she realizes she has become a naga as she pulls her self along the broken blood stained rocks she searches for a sign something to wake her up from this nightmare… /i

Abela’s head bent down as his pointy elven ears twitch as if sensing her inner struggle he opens his eyes to her writhing ripping her clothing eyes open and the color of blood. She claws at herself as he grabs her arms and tried to stop her from harming herself she jerks away as she rips herself raw and finally passes out from loss of blood and pain. Abela’s eyes filled with horror and tears begins to wrap her body binding her legs together as he was told.
His hands shaking as he realizes how much, he should have told her and his fear held him at bay. How many nights he sat by her side watching her come in and out of a delirious consciousness to speak few coherent words, he swore to her every night and every morning that he would do whatever was in his power to reconcile the pain and misery which was now her life. Taking charge of her every need as they were locked in the dungeon of the school with others, other naga’s who were in the process of becoming nagas.
Her slow and painful transformation was almost over. Now her coherent thoughts were almost based in hour instead of mere minutes, she could feed herself and tried desperately to learn how to walk. Abela was encouraging and helpful in everyway possible. Now that her sanity was coming back she would not let him touch her at all when she was awake, only when she slept could he clean her bandages and heal her.
This was the worst to endure for Abela who was far from his own world. He knew she would spend years figuring herself out. One night he awoke to sounds of fighting but could not for the life of him awake fully. The next morning he awoke to find the doors of the cells unlocked and the guards gone as well as the other nagas. He woke Calypso and tried to help her move out of the cell. She finally had figured out the science which is a serpentine tail left to right movements.
They made there way out of the school, always aware that behind doors and in windows might be someone waiting for them. Both had various skills as they fled to the ports of the city. They found a boat and paid there way onto it. Calypso not used to moving in her new form so much was almost passed out as Abela went out seeking food and equipment leaving Calypso with money he had found in the school.
The boat set sail, Calypso passed out in the locked cabin and stayed there till they reached Crimson Isle and the captain forced the lock a few days after they had reached the island. Calypso was then tossed upon the island without friends, her mind set on seeking out powerful forces to rid the world of vile things such as Retsudo. She began her search for hero’s to help her defeat the plague demon Retsudo…
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
6:12 pm
more just a little more...
“Better yet, who the fuck is she…. She seems familiar,” he says pushing back his blood red hair. He sits waiting for the night to fall completely, then he returns inside to finds her awake mask tossed across the floor eyes flooded with tears as she sits silently sobbing. He approaches her quietly, kneeling by her bed. “Rose, how can I help you,” he asks as he slowly reaches up and pushes away tears. “Make it better, make it all better,” she whispers as she slowly closes her eyes leaning her head into his caress. “I will do everything in my power to protect you and to keep you safe,” he says as he caresses her cheek.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
9:07 pm
There was once a old tale about a wealthy man who married the most beautiful woman in the world, and when she died he vowed never to marry anyone less beautiful than her. Alas his daughter took after his wife, and he vowed to marry her. She, beautiful naive and scared, locked herself away until her father broke down the door beat and raped her.

Too bad this story is true.

Her eyelids fluttered as her lips worked to moisten themselves she coughs, as dried blood breaks from her skin. She slowly takes in what is around her, and finds slivers of sunlight falling between broken green. Grasping at the ground her hand lays upon a smooth surface, she looks over to find a mask white with black marks for the eyes and mouth, she stares at it in awe. “How…” she tries her voice as she coughs and breaks cuts open on her lips and chest. Her hand grasps her body as she finds herself in shreds of clothing and a bloodied cloak underneath her. She knows her body aches and she knows she is broken but she knows that she must survive. Stumbling she slowly gets to her feet only to retch. “Must…survive…” she says as she coughs and shivers. Leaning down she drags the cloak over her bruised bloody body. Her hands find there way to the mask as she smiles a twisted smile. “I understand,” she says as she slips the mask on. She walks crawls sometimes passing out from pain blood loss and starvation till she lays in utter exhaustion. “God, just let me die now,” she says as her voice is muffled underneath the mask. She faints falling to the ground.

He is kneeling, at the alter wondering what is next for him. “What do you wish of me?” he prays looking up at the glass stained windows. A whisper comes to him, “go to Payon forest, find the mask and the girl, then you will know.” He stands and walks out of the church. Following the long path that takes him to Payon he repeats the words “find the mask and the girl, then you will know..know what?” Under his breath he curses as he walks. He wanders through the forest for hours. “Caraaakk,” says a very large raven as it flys over his head. “Whoa,” he says as he looks up and finds the wings of this raven bloodied. “What the fuck,” he says as he follows the bird out of curiosity. The raven flies low and seems to look back at him every once in a while. He finally spots a white against the green of the forest floor he runs as his armor clinks loudly, he kneels at the side of a masked figure as the raven hops over taping the mask raising its wings to fly away. “Thanks,” he says as he carefully picks her up and carries her much like a fragile child. “Just, let me die” a whisper is heard faint behind the mask. “Don’t, don’t talk like that,” he says as he hears her pain and feels her body repulse against his touch. “I…I…” voice fades and cracks. “Don’t speak, just relax, I will take you somewhere safe,” he murmurs trying to remember what it was like to be scared and alone. He reaches the hidden sanctuary for all protectors of the faith and sets her down on the cot inside one of the two rooms. “Thank god it’s deserted,” he says frowning. He starts to find the ingredients for heavy painkillers and starts to boil water. He unties his armor and lays it on the table as he moves to touch her hand. “No response, must be unconscious again,” he says as he pulls back the cloak and jumps at the sight of her bloody broken bruised naked body. “God, who would do this?” He curses as he pulls the cloak off her and places a blanket around her. He begins to clean her wounds the bloody bite marks on her soft skin the scratches bruises down the side of her neck down her back buttocks. Her bloodied thighs show him what truly happened. He slowly wipes the blood away leaving her bare except the mask. “I swear if I find the person who did this to you I will kill him,” he says under gritted teeth as he covers her in a blanket and slightly tugs on the mask. His eyes go wide as he sees before him, a white haired girl, in a black dress smiling holding out her arms to him. “Come lover,” she says her blue eyes flashing as she laughs. “ You love the pain I cause you, and I love the pain you cause me for I am your Withered rose.” The vision fades as he lifts away the mask to find that same face looking at him those blue eyes open scared hollow. “You saw it too?” she says her voice dry and harsh. “What did you see,” his frown even deeper. “I saw you, holding your arms out to me telling me that you were there to protect me but that protection would bring pain and suffering, and your name is….” He places his hand on her mouth. “No, no one knows my true name, don’t speak it for I don’t wish for It to cause you more than pain, call me Squish, it’s a nickname of sorts.” Her smile hallow as her lips crack and bleed. He leans down tracing his tongue along her lips; her arms cling to him pulling him close. “Taste what they have done to me, feel my suffering,” she says kissing and pushing him away. He moans as he licks her blood off his lips. “I want to feel your suffering I want to taste your pain,” he says his smile feral. Her lips twitch in a smile. He turns away trying to ignore his body’s intuition. “Here,” he says as he hands her a cup. She takes it and slowly sips it coughing a bit. “That should help with the pain, I will pray for you,” Squish says. “Heh, god has forsaken me, I am one of the order Squish,” Withered says quietly. “God gave you that mask, and sent me to you, he has not forsaken you,” Squish murmurs as he starts wrapping her wounds. “Why though, why would God send you to me,” Withered asks wincing in pain. “Not sure…guess we’ll find out,” Squish says as he tucks the blankets around her. “Your tainted like me….” She says as her eyes close and she falls back asleep. “Your life will be the end of mine,” Squish says as he curses under his breath placing the mask back upon her face he stands and walks away. Outside the abandoned ruins he sits pondering what to do next. “God, what the hell is that mask?” he murmurs.
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